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Can i easily insulate the roof on an existing extension?

I live in a small 2up-2down victorian terrace - its got a small kitchen and bathroom extension out the back, double glazed and everything but during the winter its absolutely freezing in both rooms.
Judging by the "quality" of the work done on the house in general, i'm going to guess that it either has no insulation, or very little
Is there any way to deal with this?
It looks like i'm here for another couple of winters before i can move on to a better property, so is there anything that can be done to improve things in the meantime?

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If it is a flat roof extension you will need to remove the ceiling to insulate the roof, if it is a pitched roof then you can either make a hatch or take some tiles off on the outside to gain access for the work.

As it is victorian it is most likely solid wall construction so you can not have cavity wall insulation.

If it is like some terraced houses where the kitchen drops down onto a solid concrete floor it is possible to raise up the floor, make it a timber floor and add some insulation under foot too


Answered 6th Jan 2015

Reading the comment above would be the best, but another alternative is to install thermal 6mm thick wallpaper or they have brought out a thermal plaster board (diferent thicknesses) and install on the walls and ceiling.Hope that helps????.


Answered 14th Jan 2015

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