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Is slimlite glass - to double-gaze windows cost-effective? and energy-saving?

I live in an old building for which I think I cannot change the sash windows/frames. All my windows are single-glazed. I found that Slimlite Glass is an option to double glaze the windows without changing their outlook.
On the long run, will Slimlite Glass be cost effective and energy-saving? How durable is it?
What other options do I have to double glaze the windows?
I have 7 windows. How long does it take for this job to be done?

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Slimlite glass like all other glass will eventualy need replaced so I would weigh the cost of initial purchase against this. The real benefit to the slimline is ofcourse the thin cavity which you cant achieve with most double glazing whilst keeping the same insulation properties.

I think it may be more cost effective to simply draught proof your windows. The normal system entails routering grooves into the sashes and parton beads and staff rods. Then a draught strip is inserted to make your windows more air tight. Another option would be secondary glazing. When I worked in this business we overhauled and draught proofed three window per day. If it was draught proofing only I would probably do around 5 per day by myself.

If you do go for the slimlite then you will find that all window will need to be rebalanced. The reason for this is due to the extra weight of the double glazed units that will be installed into your sashes.

I personally like the look and effect if single pane glass especially if you have the old 3mm glass in the sashes.



Answered 30th Dec 2014

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