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Can i install gas fire pls?

I have bought an old victorian house (ST1 area), and there is only electric fireplace in the living room. What options do I have to instal gas fire pls? I would like the fire place to be traditional and one that would heat the room as well. Any information/advice welcome. Thank you

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Firstly,you will need to check if there is an existing gas supply to where the chimney is,Sometimes the gas supply is capped below the floorboards so lift them up to check.If there is not a gas supply then you need a gas engineer to tee off your existing gas supply somewhere in the house.Secondly you will need to have the chimney checked for soundness to make sure it is clear and pulling the products of combustion up the chimney and outside to open atmosphere.A good decision is to have the chimney swept.This is very important.Lastly once you know you have a sound chimney doing its job and you have a gas supply,then you can have a fire installed but remember,if the gas fire is rated over 7killowatts ,then you will need an air vent installed through your wall somewhere in your room directly to the outside.Hope this helps.


Answered 30th Aug 2011

There are many different types of fire available. The first thing you need to consider is the flue. This takes away all the products of combustion. There are different types of flues.

You need to seek advice from a Gas Safe Registered engineer. They will assess your room, chimney and other requirements/considerations before advising you on which fire to purchase.

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Answered 30th Aug 2011

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