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What to use or not to use and a few other questions re fitting and cost?

I am in North Hertfordshire and am currently giving consideration to replacing my bathroom as it hasn't had a new one since the property was built in the early 1980's.

1. There are so many retailers and types of bathroom suites on sale but I would like to know which retailers/brands to avoid or not as the case may be.

2. Is it better to purchase a ceramic bath and shower tray?

3. How much is it like to cost to have a shower and shower tray etc fitted when one did not previously exist in the room?

4. Which showers are best to consider?

5. Is it an easy job to move a radiator?

6. What should I look for or ask when instructing the fitter?

Thank you

3 Answers from MyBuilder Bathroom Fitters

Hi, from Ecotens experience having a shower cubicle or bath is really down to your own preference, however if you do not see your self living in the home for much longer you should consider keeping the bath as this is a selling point. You can also fit a shower bath which has a curve at one end with a screen to offer choice for both.

Moving a radiator is fairly straight forward most plumbers will include this in the bathroom install but separately could cost upto £200

The waste pipe for your existing bath will be the same size for the shower tray, though you may need to build a base for the tray if there is limited space under your floor boards to run the waste.

Depending on the position you require the actual shower the plumbing can be very different as you have the following issues to consider?
Do you require the shower pipes hidden or exposed?
What type of hot water system do you have? As a pump maybe required

Have a look at shower cubicle range called merlyn, very well priced products with excellent finishes. The walk in showers are very popular at the moment.
Hudsen reed is a good choice for showers.

Ask to view recent pictures of any plumbers work & if they offer any guarantee.

Kind regards

Ecoten ltd


Answered 19th Aug 2011

hi, where abouts are you?


Answered 19th Aug 2011


Firstly when researching what you want in your bathroom always ensure that your aspirations will fit so measure up and make a scale drawing and slot in the appliances bearing in mind the position of your soil stack and supply pipes ect.

when choosing your appliances always go for someone who has BSEN certification on the equipment and WRAS approval of the brasswares, this way you know they reach a minimum standard. Myself I choose equipment from Bathco in kings lynn but if you go to a main supplier to the trade like PTS & Plumbcentre you wont go far wrong.

With baths i always go for the thicker resin baths or the pressed steel baths, pressed steel baths cool down much quicker in use due to the conductivity. Shower trays i always go for resin capped stone trays the heavier duty the better many plastic trays are very thin where the waste outlet is and can crack in use as they flex so the heavier they are the less likely to flex and will last longer.

Fitting the shower is relatively easy depending on the waste position walls will have to be prepared and maybe water resistant plasterboards installed then the tiles.

With showers again go for a reputable make like Mira or bristan.

Moving the rad is fairly easy depending on your system and the position you wish it to end up in.

When talking to your fitter you want to look for someone who will cover all aspects including building, Tiling, Electrical & of course Plumbing, if they subcontract these services then thats ok but make sure that thier quote is all inclusive, Whoever you chose should be in overall charge so you are invoiced by one person and he takes the responsibility for anyone he has in his employ.

Lastly its a good idea to make sure you have evidence of current CRB Criminal Records Branch Checks in place, all reputable firms will have this.

Many Thanks


Answered 19th Aug 2011

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