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What is the best combi boiler overall for value and reliability?

Update - Thankyou all very much for taking the time to post your honest opinions - I'll be checking out your recommendations.
Most appreciated, Shona

Looking to replace my dad's boiler. Only had one quote so far which is based on a Ferroli boiler however when i research them online they are universally panned by almost everyone - clients and installers although I guess they are a source of work for the installers!! Fairly highly recommended seems to be Vaillent Ecotek but I think this is at the higher cost end of the scale.
Is there a boiler that has good reliability at a reasonable price or is it better to go with a big name like Vaillent or Worcester and pay more initially? My dad has a servicing contract with Scottish Gas so maintenance isn't an issue but all the same he doesn't want to be calling them out every 5 mins to repair it.
When I get quotes I want to make sure I'm comparing like with like and not getting a cheaper quote because it's based on a rubbish boiler.
Boiler is for a 3 bed house with one bathroom.

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Worcester, Vaillant, or Baxi Main eco..............fitted them all and never been called back to one yet. Ravenheat, Ferrolli, Biasi, piece of ...........I rest my case


Answered 21st Aug 2011

Hi I would recommend that you opt for a brand with good reputation. I always recommend and mainly install Worcester Bosch combination boilers as they are a robust boiler with reliability and efficient performance - (If installed to manufacturers instructions will serve you well for many years!) I have very rarely had any call backs on the Worcester combi's that I have installed, 99% of customers have been very pleased!
With reference to cheaper boilers I would suggest that it is a bit of a gamble. For the sake of an extra £200 - £300 it would be a better investment to go with a Worcester or Vaillant in my opinion.

Best Regards
JPN Heating & Plumbing


Answered 18th Aug 2011

Worcester and vailant boilers are real quality boilers but are the two of the more expensive boilers but have German engineering behind them. I have fitted lots of baxi duotecs also the potter ton promax (same boiler) and I've had no problem.
I have also been fitting ideal logic combI and logic + for a while now. These are good boilers the logic +coming with a 7 year warranty great dhw flow rates with preheat facility for efficency. Viessman Vitodens are also quality German boilers which are becoming more and more popular.
Stay away from ferroli,heat line, gloworm.


Answered 5th Jun 2015



Answered 4th Apr 2012

i would definitely go with a worcester bosch 25si if you can afford it (it is worth the extra outlay) try to get installed by an accredited installer so you get a 5year warranty. Vailant eco tec are also good but at the same price as the worcester i'd go for worcester anyday. A good mid range boiler is a baxi duo tec, good solid boiler and never had any call backs from the ones ive fitted. DO NOT touch ferolli!!!!

Hope this helps.


Answered 18th Aug 2011

Well done for researching the boiler. A ferrolli is normally used by landlords for a cheap option and often leads to problems if not installed correctly, same for most combination boilers actually.

Best sticking to decent name in the mid price range that has good reviews in my opinion. Baxi and Vaillant are reliable as a rule and shouldn't be expensive.

You can also get a boiler with a 10 yr warranty. Only criteria for the guarantee is a service every year.

Have a look at my profile and if your not too far away I may be able to do a free assessment for you.



Answered 18th Aug 2011

Hi, there i would certainly recommend Vaillant or Worcester. Worcester seems to be more reasonably priced these days. I would also recommend Glow-worm Ultracom as well. Glow-worm is now part of Vaillant. I certainly wouldn't go with a Ferrolli. Another option is and Ideal Logic +. Ideal made have made some bad boilers but this new Logic seems to be cost effective and reliable, it also comes with a 5 year guarantee so your Dad could save his money with Scottish Gas.

If you did go with Worcester or Vaillant then you wouldn't need Scottish Gas cover for 2 years as the guarantee would cover it. So this money saved could go towards the extra cost.

Kind Regards
Kevin Long
KPS Installations Ltd


Answered 23rd Nov 2012

heat line vizo boiler are about the best value for money i Have one fitted in my own houses can i say more regards colin


Answered 18th Aug 2011

hi, ideal logic+ 24kw with 5 year parts and labour warrenty. good boiler, good price and good heat and water output. it also has optional easy to use wireless controls. hope this is helpfull. adrian


Answered 19th Aug 2011

We have fitted over 50 Main eco25kw gas combination boilers this year and recommend these due to they are priced well at £660 Inc vat & very reliable.
Our supplier sold 500 last year with no come backs where as the year prior they sold ferolli and had over 200 complaints where boilers were failing from start.
The main boiler is part of the Baxi group & is user friendly. Ecoten can also offer an extra years guarantee on top of the standard 2.

Check out there spec and you will see they rival the likes of valiant and are way above the bottom end Market with the likes of ferolli & Biasi


Answered 18th Aug 2011

I'd go with a Worcester everytime, for that size house you'd need either the Greenstar 24i Junior or the Greenstar 25Si


Answered 18th Aug 2011

In my opinion wocester by far the best as a cheaper optin ideal logic plus.


Answered 18th Aug 2011

Vaillant ecotec and Worcester cdi are the best, cheaper options Ideal logic + and main eco.


Answered 28th Aug 2012

we always recommend the worcester 28i junior,they have a reasonable flow rate of hot water, they have good reliability and are good value. thats why i installed one in my own house, hope this helps.


Answered 18th Aug 2011

Valliant ecotec pro28 ,stay well clear of the ferroli and viessman as they are mostly plastic inside


Answered 18th Aug 2011

If you are looking for reasonably priced and reliable Boiler then I would install a GlowWorm Boiler.

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services


Answered 18th Aug 2011

I believe the best value for money boiler in the uk is the Baxi Platinum
It has a 10 year warranty for parts and labour if installed and registered online by a baxi works installer
You can fit any make of filter or control
No plastic water manifolds and its a stainless steel heat exchanger
We"ve fitted them for over 12 years - 1st class boilers
Premier Heating


Answered 16th May 2017

There seems to be a few decent boilers out there at the moment. Worcester,valiant and atag seem to be the best with Baxi following right behind them. A lot of customer don’t usually know who’s the best but like the sound of a longer warranty on boiler. Atag and some Baxi boiler provide a 10 year warranty. If you have money to spend then answer would be atag. If you are budgeting then Baxi would probably be best suited


Answered 1st Sep 2018

Worcester Bosch all day long.


Answered 25th Jul 2019

Worcester, Vaillant, or Baxi Main eco


Answered 22nd Mar 2022

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