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Repairing bricks and plaster with window fitting

Hi, Should a double glazing re-fit price include "making good" the reveals after bricks are cut out to fit bigger windows / doors - or do we have to find another tradesman to come in and repair bricks / plaster? Thanks

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Hi .. As an installer .. It should have been dealt with the first time they did the first window. If it wasn't there fault they could gave explained the situation and priced up fir the work. In 16 years of installing .. Any making good internally or externally is done by myself . Why did they have to cut the brick? Did they make a mistake measuring up? Ideally yes they should have made good.


Answered 9th Dec 2014

Making good any plaster reveal damage is pretty much a standard thing for any half decent installer, always make sure it's included!
But making good when making a window or door bigger is a bit different, generally it means installing a longer length lintel since they won't be sitting on the required 6" of brickwork if you remove some and installing a lintel isn't the kind of thing you can repair with a tub of filler, it's the kind of making good that would most certainly be listed separately and detailed on the quotation, some window fitters won't even quote for lintel work and will require a builder to install.


Answered 11th Dec 2014

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