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Patio doors seem to have water in them

WE had patio doors installed about 18 months ago. We noticed that the lintel on the floor below developed peeling paint. WE thought it might be inferior paint and decided to do nothing about it until we extended the kitchen, which has just happened. The lintel was replaced and then we noticed a leak. The chaps who did the extensions say they've sealed their work 100% and the leak must be coming from somewhere else. WE looked at the door and we have noticed it seems to be waterlogged (weirdly). We went online and found a youtube video saying this was a common problem with patio doors and that we should drill holes in the bottom of the door. Does this sound right to you? Shall we just go ahead and do this?

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By waterlogged I assume you mean you can see visible water within the glass.
If that's correct then the double glazing seal has been broken or it isn't great and it's sitting in water in a badly draining frame. Either way the glass unit is blown and you will need a new one. If this has happened within 18 months then you will get this under warranty (Mine are insured for 10 years)
The cause for this would seem to be blocked drainage channels, for whatever reason the doors aren't draining water to the outside which is why you have peeling paint, water leaking inside and ultimately why you have blown glass units.
Get the installation company back to rectify the drainage problem and replace the glass units for free.
Drilling holes in the glass or even the door itself is not required, not common and just not done, the biggest bain of our lives at times is youtube.


Answered 10th Dec 2014

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