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Building dispute - builders responsibility to notify us when building control was necessary?

We recently had some refurbishment work done on our house, and a few issues have arisen with it. We contacted the builders concerned to ask them to remedy it but are refusing to accept responsibility for it, falsely claiming that the problems predated their work, and furthermore are threatening to now notify building control which they say will involve exposing elements of their work which would be destructive.

We had thought it was their responsibility as builders to notify us when building control was necessary and to guide us through this, but they did not mention this until the dispute arose and now the work is complete and paid for.

They are however claiming that they did and that we knew this, which is simply a lie albeit one we cannot prove. We are not sure what to do about this. This is our first home and we feel out of our depth. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you.

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An explanation would of helped to understand why building control would of needed to be informed as they are not there to guide you through a project but are there to inspect that work is carried out to relevant planning rules where required. It is indeed the homeowners responsibility unless clearly stated in a contract that the builder will deal with it although the builder could of advised you that building control would be required. At this stage finger pointing back and forward will not achieve much so try and come to an agreement with your builder to resolve the problem and negotiate a deal on cost. You could also seek advice from a solicitor but be careful that you are not spending loads of extra money with no success which could go to the cost of resolving the remaining issues.
I hope you resolve the situation and can enjoy your new home stress free



Answered 1st Dec 2014

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