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Laying laminate flooring under skirting board

We had a company lay laminate flooring throughout our ground floor about 9 years ago. At that time they installed beeding along the skirting board, as they advised I would need to replace the skirting altogether if i wanted the laminate to lie under it.

However, I now understand there is a tool available that can slice the bottom rim of existing skirting so that the laminate can be positioned under it. How significant a job would this be?

I have three good sized rooms and a hallway to cover.

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I dont know anything about the tool that can slice the bottom of your skirting.
You dont need new skirting if you want your laminate under it unless the existing skirting is damaged.
The people should have just taken your skirting off, laid the laminate, then replaced your skirtings on top.
Its not a big job and its not difficult to do.
Hope this helps.

Answered 15th Aug 2011

Dannys Decorators

Member since 29 Oct 2009


you are right there is a tool to do this job !

however as the floor has now been fitted to the beiding method you have stated the floor has now been cut to size, you will not be able to make the floor bigger now to fit under the skirts inless you pull the floor back up and pritty much start from scratch

Answered 14th Aug 2011

2 BY 4 LTD

Member since 30 Jul 2010

Hi there,
the time scale and the effort you will have put in slicing the bottom off the skirts would be endless it would be cheaper and easier to replace the skirtings.

Stuart from SMS Maintenance Services.

Answered 14th Aug 2011


Member since 20 Jun 2011

Hi, there is a skirting saw...


not sure how effective they are at getting into the internal corners though.

Probably still best to take the skirting off, so you can can lay the floor properly, with it's 10mm expansion gaps.

Answered 15th Aug 2011

Rebel Carpenter

Member since 24 Sep 2008

Its already been said, the skirting boards should have come of first, lay floor then refit skirting boards.
If you are now replacing the floor, and you dont want to take of the skirtings, the tool you need is, Fein Multi master, I use the Bosch Gop Blue, you can then cut of the bottom of skirtings.
You will still have to take of the skirting on your finishing edge, as you cant slide the last row of boards under.

Answered 15th Aug 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Your flooring is cut to size already so no tool can make your laminate flooring any bigger, so if you wanted your laminate to tuck under your skirtings you would need to remove a majority of your skirtings anyway and replace the laminate. The Fein multi master can be used to cut your skirtings down in a small area but even with this tool the time it would take on a large area and the finish you would get would still not be as good as fresh new skirtings fitted and more hassle. A lot of people that do flooring would fit it with a scotia onto the skirting due to several factors ie cost and flooring companies don't always deal with refitting skirtings however a carpenter probably would, to summarise it is not wrong to use scotia as all of the laminate producers produce a scotia in the same colour but you get a nicer finish if you remove and refit skirting but not all floor layers would do this job. In my opinion Karndean vinyl wood effect flooring is far better than any laminate due to not having this problem as it can be cut to the skirtings and no removal of skirtings is required it will last longer it's waterproof and it looks neater around doorways etc. Laminate flooring should be dis invented! I hope this helps and clears up any questions you may of had

Answered 23rd Aug 2011

property improvements

Member since 27 Oct 2010

Hi, because the floor is cut to size you won't be able to just fit new skirtings. Size of the skirting is approx 15-20mm which means that when you remove the old skirtings you will have 15 mm in optimistic option + the gap which is between your flooring and skirtings now. You would then need probably 30 mm skirting to cover it over.
Sometimes you can move the whole flooring towards one and and add some trimming on other end matching up the pattern. I can see 2 options either start from scratch or leave it. To trim the skirting boards you would probably have to pay 20% less than doing the whole floor again and just fitting skirtings. Hope this helps.

Answered 23rd Oct 2013

Zagon Ltd

Member since 23 Oct 2013

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