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Vaillant boiler firing up when heating is off

I've moved into a new flat that has a vaillant boiler. I set the wall controls so that the heating would only come on if it was below 22 degrees (which it hasn't been yet) but noticed that the boiler is constantly making a noise. It got so annoying that I decided to turn the wall thermostat controls to 'off' but it still does it. I assumed that it must be to do with the hot water instead of the heating however then noticed in the manual that I can actually change the boiler itself to 'heating off' so tried this and it now doesn't fire up, unless I'm running hot water...which is I assume what it should be doing.

Why does it constantly fire up when the heating setting is on even if the actual heating hasn't come on? At some point I'm going to need it but the constant on/off rumble noise is so annoying

Any help would be appreciated

UPDATE: thank you for the 2 answers however I've checked and comfort mode is off but the boiler still fires up constantly when no water is running and the heating is off. The only way to stop it is to turn the actual boiler to 'heating off'.


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Hello there,
You have the comfort feature active. This is displayed on the screen with a c symbol. Just turn the hot water control all the way to 0 then set again to your desired temperature. The c symbol should now of disappear.

This means the boiler if wired incorrectly
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Answered 11th Nov 2014

You have the Boiler Warm start turned on

1:Vaillant Eco tec will have the letter C in display Get rid of the Letter C

2:Vaillant Turbomax plus will have the Green LED on All the Time Get rid if the Green LED

Read the Manual or Download it


Answered 8th Nov 2014

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