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My electricity supplier has agreed to move my electricity meter to the outside wall but has asked me to tell them the kva for my property please tell me how i can find this information

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if you have a regular 80amp/240v single phase supply then it will be 19.2 KVA


Answered 14th Aug 2011

Maximum single phase (230volt) supply is 100 amps / 23kva.


Answered 15th Aug 2011

I agree 15 kva


Answered 6th Sep 2011


This will all depend on the type of property,


Flat, house, no of bedrooms etc.

Also on what type of heating ?


Gas central heating / electric boiler ,

Electric storage heating

In any event,,

I would say that the average kva for a 2 bed house / flat is around 8kva.
3 bedroom property, say around 10.

They are asking for the maximum. !

If, for example you have gas cenral heating, and say one instantaneous electric shower. I would suggest, in that instance the maximum would be around 15 kva.
This is after applying If you applied diversity ( would you have all the lights on, cooker, and televisions, whilst taking a shower ! )

I would estimate on average, to play safe around 15 KVA




Answered 14th Aug 2011

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