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Correct way to seal upvc doors?

Just had new front and back door fitted. On either side of the frame a plastic strip has been fitted and then a line of sealant. The doors were made to measure so why would this be necessary? Also, the strips are different widths with the one on the hinge side being wider than the one on the opposite side. Shouldn't they match? It is the same on both doors. Do I need to get the fitter back or is this usual?

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If the doors have flag hinges, they've probably used a add-on to clear the plaster line, then trimed over to cover the join.


Answered 6th Nov 2014

your doors properly have a flag hinge so the installer had the doors made to incorporate a 15mm packer so to stop the door binding on the plaster saying this i would expect to see trims on ether sides the same . if you are not happy call him back


Answered 2nd Apr 2017

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