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What should be done to get rid of a damp patch on an external wall?

The inside of an external wall of a basement room is constantly damp and until this has been remedied I won't be able to decorate this wall. The Victorian garden wall, at right angles with the house wall at this exact location, has been heightened. I assume that rainwater gets trapped between the bricks of the garden wall and the house wall. The bricks of the garden wall are abutting against the house wall, rather than having been worked into the house wall. What should be done to rectify this?

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if the wall is built up above damp course they should be a damp proof course between the house wall and ajoining wall to stop any penatrating damp also you could put a lead flashing at the top of wall to throw water away also you may need some tanking in basement with out looking its hard to say


Answered 11th Mar 2011

it will need to be tanked and re-plastered.bricks would be ok against the house wall but obviously the outside wall will get wet unless you take down the wall as well.


Answered 1st Mar 2011

It does sound like it needs tanking.
Really needs to be assessed before advising.
Best option is to get at least three prices, plus gaurantees of work.


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

cant say unless you can see the wall and see where the damp is coming from


Answered 4th Mar 2011

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