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Supply and fit new kitchen to include alll trades and waste removal by builders skip

im in dispute with a tradesman over the fitting of my kitchen he gave me a fully fit price and i agreed to it ,but now i would like a breakdown of all items including labour and materials and he is refusing to do this stating it was a fully fitted price, by law does he have to provide me that imformation or not thanks

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Unfortnatley i agree with the tradesman on this one.If you have agreed a price it should be irrelevent how much the labour or materials are. I'm sure that its up to the tradesman if he gives a itemised quote or not.If you wanted a breakdown of costs you should of asked for this before you entered into the contract with the tradesman.

Answered 28th Feb 2011

D.S Builders

Member since 2 Jun 2008

I f he gave you a price for fully fitting your kitchen ,and you was happy with the kitchen there is no law that I can think of but the builder for good will should say the kitchen skip and all fittings comes to ...x... and the labour was ..y ..
All building work no matter how small all litle things should be sorted before the work starts

Answered 28th Feb 2011


Member since 11 Jun 2008

all builders have they own way of pricing a job
you should check the price of a similar kitchen he is installing on any shop . Then to remove a kitchen and dispose of it will cost the skip and the labor charge .The rest will up to the builder.
If you do agree to a price to a builder is for you to don't have no headache so he has to organize all the work. When you ask a builder to break the price after he started the work it will show that you are not up to the contract you agree on.
You should have ask for a full breakdown price before he started so then it will have to calculate all jobs piece buy piece and not just a bulk price.
By law he has to follow the contract so if it states as ex. supply and fit for £5000 he is not obligated to brake the price.
My opinion is to let him cary on whit the job if you are happy with his price.

Answered 28th Feb 2011

iulian stefan

Member since 16 Jul 2010

A price was accepted by yourself , which is a verbal contract ! However providing a break down of prices should not be a problem for the builder.I always breakdown my prices when giving a written quote , something you should ask for on the site visit, when going through your requirements .
Legally he does not need to breakdown if you've agreed the price and have gone ahead, if you have extras to the original price then you are in your rights to a full breakdown of those extras .
Hope this is helpfull and next time ask these questions before work starts !

Answered 28th Feb 2011

Head property maintenance

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As you did accept the price that the Kitchen fitter gave you as as a fitted price inclusive of labour and materials, then he will not need to show you details, But if items have been missed, not completed or the fitter is charging for extras, that you beleive to be included in the price, you have right to see a breakdown of what labour/materials were included, providing you got a breakdown of the spec at the quotation stage.
The fitter will not have to supply costs for each item of labour and materials, if you did not ask for this at the Quotation stage. In many cases of priced work, "a swings and roundabouts" approach is used, all builders etc know you can not be 100% correct with pricing, so in most work, some items can be completed on time and on price, but there will be times when certain parts of the contract do not go to plan, and others that proceed better than priced, therfore in 99% of jobs the fitters/ builders price will be correct.
Tradesmen do not like to give a breakdown as it does allow the clients to see if materials have been overpriced, likewise with labour rates, but as the price was accepted, and providing you are happy with the work, then there is little you can do.

Answered 28th Feb 2011

Sovereign Construction Services

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No, its not a legal requirement that he provides you with a breakdown for the work. Personally I would not have a problem giving a breakdown of the estimate, but that is down to my discretion, It sounds like he may have charged a high labour price and is avoiding giving you the breakdown, So you cant see the ratio of labour/materials. But that is only my opinion and may not represent the actual reason.

Answered 28th Feb 2011

ace plastering & building services

Member since 5 Jan 2009

did you have a contract? i do not see why the builder would not give you more information if you had an agreement.

Answered 28th Feb 2011

Ultimate Building Services

Member since 6 Mar 2010

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