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I need to remove tile splash back and re-tile my kitchen (white metro tiles)

Can I tile over tiles or will I need to remove the existing tiles before re-tiling? I have a small kitchen (approx 3 meters of tiles, 50cm high) how big is this job? I'm wanting White metro tiles I think

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Hi it is always best to remove the old tiles and make good of the walls, I would the prep the walls with a Srb or even blue grit so the tiles have a nice clean surface to adhere too, then use a good powder adhisive to stick the tiles too the wall

Answered 5th Sep 2016

R J S Plumbing & Heating

Member since 8 Jul 2016


Best practice I would remove the tiles carefully before re tiling, then you no for sure you will not have any problems later on. If you get a professional tiler in this is not a big job and would take a day in total to complete including taking tiles off making wall good for tiling, allow tiles to dry before grouting.



Stephen Christopher Ceramics.

Answered 18th Oct 2014

SC Ceramics

Member since 1 Oct 2013

Hi, the best thing to do is remove the tiles but you will not know the state of the wall until after this has been done. What are the walls made of? If it is plasterboard and the original tiles have been fitted correctly then you be lucky to not cause some damage which could be as bad as having to replace boarding or filling at a deep depth with bonding compound (plaster), if this is the case I would not advise tiling new plaster straight away but the timescale should be down to your tiler who should know the amount of time needed after viewing the area. If the walls are brick or a solid base then carefully remove them and with a bit of luck there will either be little or no damage. Removing is the best option but if you can not run the risk of having to wait or are not confident of the state of the walls then using a job specific tile primer and adhesive is perfectly fine but be aware the finish where tiles do not end against someone will not be as desired. Eg window reveals and end of worktops.

Regards, Miles MT Services

Answered 31st Mar 2016

MT Services

Member since 21 Apr 2015

Hi I'm a tiler . I would remove old tiles . Make good any damage to substrate. Sbr prime and re tile with a cement based adhesive . Not a ready mix from wicked or tops as they never really set grout and then silicone to prevent any water penatration

Answered 1st May 2016

J Clark Property Maintenance

Member since 29 Jan 2015

The best thing to do is remove the tiles cover your worktops with ply or hardboard for protection,it will be a much better job.

Answered 18th Oct 2014

A. G. Fright Tiling Specialist

Member since 28 Feb 2011

I would personally take the tiles off mainly for cosmetics look because if you Tile on Tile you will see the original tiles on the edge and this will look odd.
Just make sure you clean off as much adhesive off the wall with a good scraper then prime the surface before tiling.

If you were happy that the edges won't be seen and also with the tiles being fitted on top of the original tiles then there is nothing to stop a professional tiler checking the existing tiles to see if they are clean and sound as a solid substrate before tiling on top with an adequate Tile adhesive.
If using a ready mix tub of adhesive you will have to check the manufacturers instructions for drying time when tiling on Tile they normally insist on 48hr to dry , the ready mix takes this long because it air drys, unlike powder adhesive which chemically drys and does so in just a few hours which is why you will find most tradesmen use powder adhesive.

Answered 7th Aug 2016

London - Nottingham Tiling

Member since 9 May 2016

hi. i always advise removing the tiles. tiling on top of tiles puts a lot of strain (due to extra weight on the wall) But unfortunately after removing the tiles you will probably have slight damage to the wall, usually where the plaster has come off. So this would need making good before the new tiles can be put up. Once done make sure you get some primer on the wall before tiling this ensures that the adhesive sticks to the wall

Answered 13th Dec 2016

Aqua Tile

Member since 29 Sep 2016

Yes removing the tiles will be the best and right thing to do
seems like a lot of work i know but once done and newly tiled will last forever and will leave a nice and cleaner finish

Danny - Buck Brothers

Answered 30th Mar 2017

Buck Brothers

Member since 4 Feb 2016

Yes would be easier to remove tiles and look neater.

If you tile on tiles your also losing space.

Tiling kitchen isnt a massive job days work at least and the white metro are a popular tile so i would recommend

Answered 26th Jan 2017

D C Tiling

Member since 15 Apr 2015

Definitely remove tiles on side walls as tiling on tiles means you see two edges of tiles from sideways. Make good any walls and prime with acrylic primer before re-tiling. You could leave tiles on back wall and tile over as this normally involves just purchasing longer electrical screws for sockets. This is always better if there are wall units all the way along the back wall. If you take tiles off you will need to make good walls and prime before tiling. Metro tiles look great in kitchens. Hope this helps.Bob

Answered 17th May 2017

Bob Hamilton Wall and Floor Tiling

Member since 8 May 2017

I'd remove all old tiles, following reasons; the exciting tiles could be poorly fixed (resulting in failure) you COULD exceed the weight of the wall (unlikely but it's still something to think about) also it's always best to know the condition of the wall your going to tile on for obvious reason.. Always use SBR PRIMER 👍🏼 Good luck

Answered 19th Jul 2017

RM Tiling

Member since 17 Jul 2017

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