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Does the adhesive still on the plywood needs removing?

I have 5.5 sqm of 360 x 275mm ceramic tiles that need laying on the kitchen floor. The previous floor was lino, I have stripped it back to reveal 1 inch thick plywood. There is some adhesive left on the plywood from where the lino was stuck down. Does the adhesive still on the plywood needs removing?

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hi ...if its just lino adhesive it should be okay to tile over the top ..make sure you prime the floor first before you lay the tiles ...good luck


Answered 12th Aug 2011

Firstly, make sure the Plywood is well fixed down to the sub floor. I was taught in my days as an apprentice carpenter, to fix plywood down at intervals of every 6 inches (150mm) in all directions. And to this day I have never had to to replace a floor I have laid. It would be a good idea to treat the plywood surface with a primer to stabalise the surface and to ensure that your new adhesive will stick well to it. You should use a good quality adhesive such as Bal Rapid Set Flexible or a Topps Tiles equivalent. The primer I always use is called Weber PR360 Styrene Acrylate Primer ( it is a very good product but follow the instructions to the letter please. As for the old Lino adhesive, if it is a contact type of adhesive ie. like "Evostick "as long as it is not in big clumps then it should be fine to tile over.

Hope this helps.

Dave Collier



Answered 9th Aug 2011

If the adhesive is well stuck to the plywood and will not inder the levle of the new tile . then leav it .
But make sure you screw the plywood down into the floor joist if you
Can not find them. We tap on the floor with a hammer and you will hear a change in tone as you tap over the floor. When you find the joist they should be at 16in centres 400 mm but still screw between the 400mm centres .Make sure you have primed the plywood and left to dry befor you start tiling .we allways ues
a bal flexible adhesive with the primer to match .a good stokest will help you with this . Get some gloves on it can be messy

Good luck




Answered 12th Aug 2011

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