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Contractors fitted new fire door and damaged skirting boards - what kind of damage is acceptable?

Hi I had some contractors come out recently to fit a new fire door (front door to my property).
They have damaged the skirting boards, one is cracked, two are exposed where there should be a arctraving over it and another has a thick wedge of sealant between the frame and skirting.
Also just below the step they have ground out the concrete a bit to get the old frame off I guess and have filled it in with sealant which looks bad.
The door is on a flat in a tower block.
The local housing authority surveyor came out and said some damage would be expected in fitting a door.
I couldn't accept that and he said I was being awkward and a prat about it.
I just want some guidance I guess as to what kind of damage if any is acceptable as I feel there shouldn't be any or if there is it should be repaired.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I can imagine getting an old frame off would be difficult etc.Is there a way of doing it to minimize damage etc?
Thanks Ben

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There should be no damage what so ever the contractor should make good any damage no grey area here no blame on the client things like this do happen no one is perfect but the damage should be repaired or replaced at no cost to the client .

Allan .HJA


Answered 29th Oct 2014

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