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Sealing bottom of roof tiles

Hi,i have a pitched tiled roof and water seem to be getting in from what i believe is the bottom of the second row, is there something like silicone etc i can use to seal the bottom of the row? regards stevie

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Hi Stevie

I have found from experience the last two runs of tiles are the most problematic regarding tiled roofs as this I always where the old underfelt perishes first.
Normally roofers remove bottom two run of tiles, cut back underfelt and slip under these eaves trays underneath then replace roof tiles.

Hope this helps your situation

Hornet Roofing


Answered 13th Nov 2014

The felt in most older roofs are often problematic. A simple solution is to do this;
Have a roofer quote to strip out bottom 3 course of tiles, take off old tile batterns and roofing felt. Replace roofing felt and tile battens and re-tile. This should cure the problem. Make sure there is no broken / cracked tiles as this could also cause problems.
Also check round the chimney stack for perished lead flashings / missing pointing etc.
Hope this helps and I hope you get sorted real soon.


M Davies


Answered 22nd May 2015

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