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Leaking double glazed window (even after resealed and drain holes redone)

I had double glazing put in several years ago. They leaked. Window fitter will not help but managed to claim under CPA and had some guys come around reseal, redo drain holes etc. they were here for 5 hours so I hoped that would be the end of the problem.

But yesterday windows leaked. I have internal frame of one window removed so I can see exactly where water is coming from . It seems to be the base of the window inside the double glazed unit itself, it trickles out through one of the bottom parts. Are the windows faulty? Will try to post picture.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Window & Door Fitter

If you can remove the double glazed unit then you could pour a jug of water into the drain holes on the inside of the window frame and look for the water running out of the frame onto the external window cill. This tells you that the drain holes work.
You should then put the unit back in making sure the glass is supported on glazing packers and making sure the packers do not obstruct the drain holes inside the frame.


Answered 13th Nov 2014

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