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Thin piece of aluminium instead of lintel above patio door

Getting windows fitted. They weren't happy with the first "survey" so they sent another guy out. He has said that the window in the front room and above the patio door doesn't have a lintel, only an thin piece of aluminium. House was built in the 60's.

I've pulled out the silicone from the top edge and can see the thin metal strip he's talking about. But the window doesn't make any contact with the brick. I can put my pinky in the gap so I double the window is taking any sort of load. Anyone know what this thin metal strip is?

There's no visible fracture marks in the bring and there doesn't appear to be any movement at all. Are they just trying to get another £500 out of me. I've got pictures if that helps.

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You could be describing a galvanised catnic lintel.


Answered 12th Oct 2014

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