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Replacing an electric oven with a 13amp plug with a 16amp hard wired oven?

I am looking to replace an old Diplomat electric oven.

The oven has a standard plug that connects to a socket behind it, which appears to be a spur to the hard-wired connection to the hob above. Both the hob and oven are controlled by a switch above the counter and both are fed on a dedicated line that appears to be protected by a 40 amp fuse in the main fusebox.

Most of the replacement ovens I'm looking at require hard-wiring and a lot of them require a 16 amp supply.

Would I need to update the wiring in any way to support the higher amp fuse? The property is fairly new build, from 2007.


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A difficult one sight unseen, if the wiring is of the correct rating to carry the current it shouldn't need updating, however if it is a wired fuse and no RCD protection then you should consider getting a professional to at least have a look and give advice having seen it. This may be free so why not ask? Cookers carry a lot of current and get hot too, be careful if you are considering self help.

Chris J

Answered 6th Nov 2014

Castle View Electrical Services

Member since 8 May 2014

There's a few questions to consider: Assume cable from consumer unit to cooker switch is rated at 40A. Is the cable from the cooker switch to the socket (spur) rated to take 40A? It should also be protected by an RCD.
If your new appliance/s are rated 16A this is a reduction in current. If you've two appliances (Cooker & Hob) total is 32A.
I'd suspect you've got 6mm cable which if installed in usual way (chased in wall) will be rated at 32A. So the existing cable to the cooker switch will be ok, but you should consider reducing the 40A MCB to 32A and make sure the cable from the switch to spur is able to take 32A.
If your not sure best to get electrician to check it.

Answered 24th Aug 2018

Horace Cliff

Member since 28 Sep 2015

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