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Water getting in around bedroom bay windows

We have water getting in around our bedroom bay window. Its in two specific points the very edge of the window and under the internal cill at the bay join. Pictures attached.

The UPVC windows look pretty old (we only moved in a few months ago). Was wondering if anyone can advise the best way to solve it or what sort of trades person i could get into solve it.

The render around it has been done a few months ago, this doesn't seem to have solved the issue.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Window & Door Fitter

likley causes are defective drainage allowing water ingress from the gap between the window and the cill especially in windy conditions and lack of sealant barrier at end of cills as well as baypole joints not sealing from weather conditions,and general seals arount the bay in general. skrew holes or holes in cill could also be causing a ingress problem reccomondations: would be to spend a days work removing windows segment by segment and finding the exact root causes and applying appropriate remedy to eradicate these leaks. alternative the windows look to be over 12 years old so out of date under the new goverment and fensa 2012 rules for energy efficient products. new window systems and glazing would make a big difference from the old systems so it could be worth getting a few quotes on replacing with so many good deals going on with in the replacement window market obviously finances permitting . but never the less a days wage of someone proffesional in this area should see the leaking problem solved for the short term future


Answered 5th Apr 2015

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