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Single slab driveway?

Hi I have a sound concrete bed on half my driveway that some numpty dumped a few tonnes of stones on top of so they rolled very nicely.

The other half seems to have a well laid sub base of type 1 type about 250 mm deep which had more stones on top of.

I want to resin bond my driveway. The annoying part is the concrete is laid as a car widths driveway and then path across the front of the house with some angles etc. so I don't really want to have to put jointing in here. So I want a complete slab of concrete. I can easily top my current concrete with 1 inch / 30mm of concrete without going anywhere near the damp course, and have around 100mm of concrete on top of the type 1 to create one large slab (around 80m2).

I intend to use a specialist concrete such as Extend from minimix which is designed for laying very large single slabs for multi-storey car parks. I believe its something like a C60.

Am I completely wasting my time doing this?

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just to confirm; the whole drive is prepared by means of 4"concrete slab, and type 1 underneath?
and you intend to use a c60 to overlay the area to prevent expansion joint?

my initial concern, is you are considering overlaying concrete 30mm thick over 80 square meters.
have you received any quotes for a c60?? and considered how you will lay this?


Answered 22nd Dec 2014

In my opinion it would be best To to resurface your old foundation the type 1 and concrete with 30mm of 10mm Sma Tarmac which would be more pourable and a better foundation for the resin thanks.




Answered 27th Jul 2019

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