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Should double glazing sit evenly in brick to brick window space?

I've just had double glazing installed and I'm not entirely happy, but it could be my expectations are set too high.

The pictures in the links show my new sash window for the front room bay window. This is a brick to brick installation in a Victorian house. From the front of the house the window looks fine, but inside the frame is not lined up evenly. The frame is only visible to the right of the window, the left side of the frame disappears into the wall. I imagined the window would line up in the middle?

Is this kind of issue expected in a 100 year old house which are off square? Or are there ways to make the window hole square so everything fits properly? Have the windows firm measured the window properly?



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hi there,
the window should sit flush either side - it looks like they have not allowed enough space although on the picture outside its tough to see if it sits equal.

i'd get them back out to correct this.usually there should be a 5mm-10mm frame showing either side.


Answered 29th Sep 2014


As mentioned it's hard to gauge from the outside photo.

However it looks as if it's been installed incorrectly . Could be a number of reasons they've done it this way . Possibly to keep the outside margins correct so the 'front' of the house is uniform with the other window margins .

It should be equal both sides . And can be achieved in almost any condition opening . I too would call them back.

Hope this is helpful


Answered 29th Sep 2014

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