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Frame stuck to glass with silicon and wedged window up with glass spacers - is this normal practice?

I have had double glazing fitted within the last twelve months. Had to call them back three times so far as the bottom opening windows would not close.

On the third callout they stuck the frame to the glass with silicon, wedged the window up with glass spacers and told us not to open the windows until the silicon sets, is this normal practice?

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Answered 25th Sep 2014


Are these pvc windows ?

If they are then this is not good practice .

If the opening sashes are have trouble closing the to a certain extent you can 'toe and heel ' the glass but this is done with packers so any water that gets past the seal can drain out through weep holes .

Can you take a picture ?

If there timber windows then mostly you silicone around the glass to create a water proof seal . But you also should have packers under the glass and the bottom bead should have drainage or weep holes .

Hope this helps , please if possible upload a picture


Answered 25th Sep 2014

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