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How long should a job take?

Currently i have an 8ft x 9ft bathroom, with bath, hand basin and loo, Walls are tiled.
I wish to put in a new bath, seperate shower, loo and hand basin. more or less in same position,

Now i have had two quotes and both to me seem high as its on labour only basis, but what stikes me more is both said would take minimum of 2 weeks to do the job.
I freely admit im no expert but in my head i cant see how it can take 10+ days,

Day 1 just remove bath. loo hand basin.
Day 2. remove tiles and bring back to brick work,
Day 3. Dry line walls
Days 4, 5 6 plumb
Day 7 plaster
Day 8 fit fixtures
Day 9 10 tile 16sqm2

Now as i say im no expert and dont begrudge if they are right, but i fail to see how it can take a whole day to remove a bath, hand basin and loo, as to me after i have turned off the water supply, i would cut the pipes and just remove. no more than 2 hour job at the most.... Am i thinking right or does it really take a day to remove current fixtures and then 3 days to plumb in a 8ft x 9ft bathroom?

Wanted to add this is 2 men working, both quotes 2 man job which leaves me asking this question.

Opinions welcome please thanks very much.

Thank you all for such a response, has helped me a lot, My last question as some of you have pointed out is the men are wanting to take the current tiles off and plaster off underneath that, so on three sides its back to brickwork.
Now from that brickwork they wish to put up plaster baord, and i belive plaster and tile over that.
That is my full understanding.

Strip back

Some of you have pointed out not all this work is required, So can i ask why would they quote to do it if not required is it a belt and braces exercise or just work for doing work

Thank you all for all responses


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Hi Im a sole trader and have worked on my own all my working life after my training.
I fit bathrooms every week to high sandards. I do everything except i use electricians and plasterers if needed.
All this talk of 2 week for 2 men makes me laugh. I fit a full bathroom with 23sqm of wall tiles and a 7sqm tiled floor in no more than 7 days working 8am till 6pm.
I class thats as an avarage bathroom.
And why would you plaster boarded wallls that are going to be tiled, it will only delay a job futher.
Regarding you latest question-
If when your tiles are removed and the wall is in a bad state then the best option is to strip them back and do a dry line.I always use moisture boards in bathrooms or better still tile backer boards. If you are fully tiling the bathroom then there really is no need to plaster over the new boards just seal them with a waterproof PVA and you will have a good surface to tile too.


Answered 9th Aug 2011

i have just completed a new bathroom with my stepfather. we are both multi skilled builders and it took 8 days to complete. bear in mind we were on a price and not day work and it was a complete refit included decorating. we worked on average from about 8.30 til 5.30 with 1 break when we were hungry. we produced a high quality finish but could have completed the job in maybe 7 days if we had thrown it together. we also removed and refitted the toilet and sink daily to enable customers to wash as normal and use toilet within reason. we had the shower cubicle in use after 4/5 days so this lack of room slowed us down but always with the customer in mind. maybe if we had said go shower or toilet in the garden we could have done it in 5 days but why are you so bothered if it takes 10 days??? if they are on a price then it shouldnt matter how long it takes, within reason. 10 days should be the maximum though for any bathroom.


Answered 21st Aug 2011


You wouldn't normally, strip plaster back to brickwork (unless the plaster is falling off the walls), then dry line, then plaster and can tile on dry lining. You normally dry line because the walls are not upright, which tends to show in the tile cuts at the end...

I don't feel they have allocated their time properly. I think they are pricing for a high finish quality, but you certainly don't need too plaster the tiled areas. Most of it is a one man job, so I cant see how they price for 2 men for 10 days plus...

Get a few more quotes, if they all say 10 probably about right.


Answered 9th Aug 2011


Does seem a bit excessive, however perhaps they are allowing themselves a couple of days to cover any unexpected problems or delays.

If they say 2 weeks and it only takes one, then you are happy. If on the other hand they quote 1 week and it takes 2 then you are not a happy customer.


MJM Plumbing Services


Answered 5th Aug 2011

Hi there, this is a typical 5 day job.
Our company would charge labour only at 2 fitters on £180 per day each.
No other trades would be required unless you needed electric work and then we would use a Napit certified electrician, his fee would be additional.
First day strip out and start on first fix of pipework.
Second day, remainder of pipe and wastes.
Third and fourth tiling/grouting, (bath installed)
Fiifth day, final fit.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

The quote for time you have received is probably not too far off. It depends how many men can get into the bathroom at any one time

Day 1. Remove suite, tiles, take back to brickwork
Day 2 and 3. First fix plumbing
Day 4 Dry line walls
Day 5 Plastering
Weekend ? Let it dry, you shouldn't tile onto new plaster whilst its drying
Day 6 and 7 Tiling - must let tiles set before grouting
Day 8 Grouting
Day 9 and 10 Second fix plumbing and suite installation

You should be reassured that the quote you have takes this long, they seem to want to give you a proper job.

If you get a quote saying they can do it in less time than this, I would suggest that the trademen are more concerned with getting paid as soon as possible, and not with giving the best job possible.

Hope this helps


Answered 5th Aug 2011

From the information you have given i would be charging you around 3.5k labour and would require 10 working days for completion.I dont think your contractors have explained there time very well,or in the correct order.You havent mentioned electrics or decorating,are these included? Remember these are only quotes,you are under no obligation to commit yourself to anything until you are entirely happy.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

Hi this dose seem a bit excessive, especially for 2 men.
Are the walls that bad that they need dry lining & plastering? If you are tiling?
Tiling should be done about day 4 before you fit basin ETC.
I would say 10 day yes But 1 man But 2 men 6/7 days max.
Hope this helps.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

Hello. This does seem excessive. This job should only take 6 days 7 if there is any problems which occasionally do happen. I would reccomend getting a few more quotes.
Wesley lee
W lee carpentry ltd


Answered 5th Aug 2011

Hi, I Have been installing bathrooms for over 10 years, & on average a complete bathroom replacement will take 2 weeks. I agree it does not take all day to remove a bath & a w/c- however if you have no stop cocks to switch off the hot & cold water supplies, it does take time to drain down the water system before you can start- then install new stop cocks & then re-fill your system & remove air locks etc.
There are many such problems that do arise when taking on a full refit.
Why not ask for daily rate figures & you can watch & see what they are doing all day?
Hope that helps


Answered 5th Aug 2011

its hard to say exactly how long it will take to do the job untill you actually start it. without seeing the job its hard to say how long it should take. we do bathrooms in 3 days or 3 weeks all depends on what you have to do and is it just a straight swap with all the pipe their to use.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

2 weeks for 2 blokes does seem excessive, but we haven't seen the job & exactly whats required.

If 1 quote said a few days & the other said 2 weeks - then I'd query what the differences were...

But if 2 different fitters have seen the job & have both suggested approx 2weeks - then I'd guess they are basing there timescales on the information they've seen, plans, info, spec, work involved etc.

Get another quote and see what they say...

don't bother plastering the areas that are going to be tiled. I'd presume only the ceiling actually needs tiling


Answered 6th Aug 2011

8-10 days for an average size bathroom


Answered 13th Oct 2017

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