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Plastic vs copper pipes

We want to re-plumb our house and was wondering if it is better to use plastic pipes over the old copper type.

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Plastic pipe is more flexible when used under floor boards etc, however the joints & connections can be rather bulky, it may be slightly cheaper than copper & you can DIY the majority of the work, however you may need a professional plumber at some stage.

Answered 4th Aug 2011

sml plumbing services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

I believe its your own preference, Copper is without doubt the best option as it will last if fitted well a lifetime and plastic pushfit connectors won't, pefect for putting behind paneling and floors as all connectors are soldered(down side the price).
If its cheapness your after and not bothered too much about the way it looks then plastics for you.
I think its used alot more these days through plumbers being lazy or not having the relevant skills.

Answered 5th Aug 2011

K2 Home Services

Member since 14 Nov 2010

Make sure you can get cover on the plastic push fit pipework as i know a certain instalation/insurance company wont cover plastic pipework in the event of costly leaks and only cover Copper pipework.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

Member since 21 May 2011

Copper everytime, easy to get electric continuity for your earth bonding, joints are solid, down side- expense, time of installation.
Plastic, not rodent proof, push fit fittings do come loose, damn ugly on radiators etc.

Answered 4th Aug 2011

Pro Finishing Services

Member since 12 Jan 2010

Plastic is quicker and has less chance of freezing but copper will cost less but will take longer to do.Plus if you get a leak plastic is less hassle to drain down and repair than copper.

Answered 4th Aug 2011

Duwood Design

Member since 15 Aug 2009

i do believe it is better value and easy to fix and repair.the price of the copper at the moment made the plastic option the most economical.In USA they have using plastic pipes for 30 years.this is not a issue.also no more corrosion.

Answered 4th Aug 2011


Member since 28 May 2008

Fitted correctly they are both as good as each other, however with copper once you have a soldered fitting you know it is solid, plastic speed fit can come loose at any time and once this is in the walls can be a real pain and costly. again it all down to the customer.

Answered 12th Aug 2011

GH Plumbing & Building Services

Member since 12 Aug 2011

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