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Old farmyard re-gravel

We have an old farmyard inc. goat/hen-pens (c. 425m2) consisting of soil + patchy tarmac + grass + massive stone slabs. Soil is pretty compact, so can we just ensure it's generally level, put down sheets of weed fabric, gravel it all out then tamp down with a whacker-plate instead of having to dig all up / put down base / tamp / put down gravel / tamp etc? Planning to use 20mm coarse/rough gravel. Thanks

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If you are going to use it as a drive, best to dig it all out and allow for minimum of 200mm type 1 hardcore/scalpings.
You could use a larger agregate as a first layer, over Terrain/weed control fabric.
The area your talking about will want a vibrating roller over it and not a whacker plate.
You can choose which topping stones to finish of with, but dont go to deep.
If you decide to just put gravel on the existing, you may find over time that mud etc will start coming through to the surface.
Its your choice, and how much your prepared to pay.


Answered 1st Aug 2011

I agree with B J D, if you just put the gravel on top of the "compacted soil" you will, over a very short period of time after a few rain showers / snow / frost etc find that the gravel will push into the soil and all you will end up with is a horrible mushy mess. If vehicles are going to be driven over this area then best to put a solid hardcore base in first. Why pay for something to be done twice and spend much much more, rather than having it done right the first time?


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

there is no such thing as weed fabric. that is a starting point. the material you mean is a geotextile membrane that is designed to let water through but to stop 2 materials binding/mixing together, such as soil and stone. you need to dig everything off to the same level and then make the ground up with different grades of stone. first grade should be 75mm down(crushed brick to save money) second grade approx 40mm down(recycled type 1 to save more money) and third grade whatever size gravel/shingle you wish as a finish. you cant use anything to stop weeds growing other than weed killer or a sealant.


Answered 21st Aug 2011

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