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Electrical test of property prior to exchange

The electrical installation is outside the scope of a building survey and therefore the surveyor is unable to report on the condition, safety requirements or current regulations. However, he has confirmed:
Mains electricity is connected to the property, the meter is located in the hall cuipboard and there seems to be some old rewireable fuse boxes. It is an old installation which has been considerably added to over the years with a number of surface mounted power points, some heavy duty as well as spur units. There is also a slightly more recent fuse box. Various random checks with an electrical tester show that the power points are correctly wired. No record of electrical test having been undertaken within last 5 years.

He has therefore said it is essential it is checked out fully by a qualified electrician (NICEIC registered) before being used and prior to exchanging contracts.

I am therefore keen to get it checked; it is a 3 bed semi located in Rutland, with a conservatory and small extension added on.

Could anyone give me a rough order of cost and any other relevant information please before I put I 'find a tradesman'. Many thanks

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Hi I'm based in lincolnshire so a bit far away for you but just as an example, I usually charge £100-£120 for a periodic test in my local area.


Answered 31st Jul 2011


As soon as your surveyor spotted the rewireable fuses the only thing he can do is reccomend that it is checked out profesionally. It does not have to be NICEIC however, don`t get hung up on this - as long as the person looking at the work is competent in this field, preferably upto 2391 ( testing and inspection ) standard.

As a rough costing it would be in the region of £95 for the first consumer unit and about £45 per smaller board. You would would receive a full test and inspection report ( periodic ) which would highlight the current defects in your installation. All the circuits would also be tested and their measured values recorded and assessed.

The report would highlight the defects and the electrician issueing the report might also suggest the required improvements.

Hope this helps.

NJM Electrical


Answered 31st Jul 2011

Just to may be clarify Nigels comment (hope you don't mind) about getting hung up on NICEIC registered, he is correct that the elctrician need not be NICEIC registered there are other registration bodys eg ELECSA, however the electrician should be currently registered to a body. This is the only way of ensuring that he is qualified to the current standards.


Answered 5th Aug 2011

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