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Are upvc windows not correctly levelled suitable for refitting?

Hi there,
A company is replacing our block's old single glazed windows to the new UPVC ones. We had our flat's windows changed last week. After the window fitters were gone, my husband checked their work. He found out that out of 7 windows only 2 were fit correctly levelled. All the others have aprox up to 15mm inclination most of them leaning out towards the outdoors as well as unlevelled horizontally. We have complained to the site manager and he promised us that windows will be refitted.But we are now concerned, as he said that they will take out current windows,clean them and put them back in again. Are those windows going to be still suitable for refitting? Should we demand for new set of windows? We really need advice.Many thanks

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if you buy a good window and fit it badly its a bad fit. if you buy a cheap window and fit it well its a good fit .
make sure you do not have the same installers and ask them to fit 1 window for you to check befor they do the rest

good luck


Answered 7th Apr 2017

They're brand new windows.
They will be fine to refit.


Answered 20th Jul 2014

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