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Paint removal from stone

I have a mid terrace 1890's which has the different coloured stone front surrounded by bath stone. it has been covered in paint and would like to know what the best method of getting it off is and where any tools i need can be purchased.

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re-dressing the stone can create a nice clean finish with the stone looking very bright as it looks when it comes from the quarry, however this method removes the hard protective callous, called the patina,that forms over several years of exposure to the elements .This Patina is a natural protective ,skin,on the surface of the stone .It also gives the stone a rich honey colouring.
The best way to remove paint without damaging the stone is to apply chemical( alkaline ) softeners and then go over surface with a DOFF stone cleaning system which uses high pressure water heated to 150 degrees this removes all traces of paint and if done with care leaves stone unscathed.


Answered 12th Nov 2011

you can mess about with acids that say they will work, but the best thing is to have it sand blastedfor perfect and quick result


Answered 31st Jul 2011

Hi ,in response to this question , you can buy or hire these blowtorch type tools which ,in my personal opinion dont really take the stone back to its original finnish. I personally would use a diamond tiped cup ,with a little grinder , then use a carborandum block and just water, to polish up ,this will most certainly bring it back to its original state. I hope this is of some use to you .


Answered 1st Nov 2011

I would dress it back but would not advise doing youself as can be dangerous and you need to no what you are doing Dressing back is when you take 5- 10 mm off full face of building


Answered 2nd Aug 2011

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