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Single concrete driveway with path to front door - new driveway options

I have a standard single concrete driveway for 3 bed semi with path to front door what would be the cheapest option for a new driveway? any help and advice would be greatly appreciated just so I don't get ripped off many thanks

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Block paving can be cheaper than Tarmac or concrete inprint, wide selection of colours and designs.


Answered 7th Jul 2014

Block paving with a matching path in brindle and charcoal boarder staggered


Answered 8th Jan 2015

Dig 175 mm depth, (take off site), lay terram, 150mm of type 1 limestone rolled, 25mm of pea shingle.


Answered 25th Sep 2015

If you're looking for cheap and cheerful yes I agree Peashing go would be best but if you're looking for something nice but cheap organ for block paving or the new resin it's about the same cost as blocks per metre but it's a lot nicer and last a lot longer


Answered 10th Jun 2016

Dig out driveway area.
Lay membrane.
Supply lay and level type 1 crush hardcore for a solid base.
Supply lay and level 20mm gravel/pea shingle.
Get in contact if not already sorted will happily pop by give some free information and a quotation.
Kind regards
Elliot Davies


Answered 3rd Jan 2017

There are a few options you can go concrete paint is a option cheap and can be effective. Another option if yourequired concrete is OK Resin Stone surface is an good way of getting a new drive without ripping out the drive you got you just lay it over the top. Get prices from a load of contractors. You haven't got to rip out your drive tarmac also can be layed over the top of concrete you must use a tac coat for tarmac to bond to 30mm thick of toppings would be OK.


Answered 8th Apr 2017

There is many solutions if you wanted to go really cheap you could get the drive dig out to spec approximately 175mm lay a membrane down put 150mm of type1 hardcore and get it rolled for compaction then put 25mm off pea gravel shingle in.
Or for a nice affordable price I would personally have tarmac as company's can get it a lot cheaper and covers a bigger area than what a pack of blocks does and how expensive they can be hope this was a bit off help


Answered 26th Apr 2017

My personal opinion resin bound is something you should think about we're in most cases it is 50% cheaper then the Like of sandstone or blockpaving because they can coat over your exsisting driveway (depending if levels are correct) comes in large variety of colours and designs maintenance free hope this was some help to you good luck with your project


Answered 7th Aug 2017

Cheapest option would probably be gravel. Block paving would be a little bit more expensive but you can be sure that it's a lot cleaner and easier to maintain than gravel. Your sure to get your moneys worth with block paving.


Answered 2nd Nov 2017


We would recommend resin bond its great value for money and it looks great. It should be around or close to the same price as a block paved driveway.


Answered 21st Jun 2018

If you have a concrete path but want a cheap driveway. Cheapest option would be to remove the path. Dig out driveway. Lay geotextile membrane and cover area with MOT type 1 compacted in layers to approx 150mm this can then be covered with gravels, decorative stone such as Cotswold buff, Silver grey granite, rose grey granite, green or red granite. Gravels and granite are better imo as they don’t absorb water or discolour as much as Cotswold buff limestone. You could leave concrete in if level of damp course allows. Must be 150mm lower than house DPC. I would advise against this as stone will frequently move ontop of concrete.

Other ways mentioned by others such as resin bond or resin bound are very expensive. As you need to lay these on concrete or tarmac (correctly)

If it’s loose aggregate you go for might I mention plastic 40mm gridforce system that helps to keep the loose aggregate from moving over time and helps with drainage. This can become another added cost as the best ones range around £12-15 per m2. And on reality you can lay block paving/tarmac/concrete for same cost.


Answered 31st Jul 2018

The cheapest option would be a Tarmac overlay, and you could have this in a choice of colours whether it be red or black. Firstly We would key out any area that’s needed to get a flush finish i.e The front of the driveway where it meets the footpath outside the property, and also raise any manhole covers or ironwork that’s set in your existing driveway. Then jet wash and clean the existing concrete area, then Supply and spray on a tack coat emulsion (total coverage) for the tarmac to bond to. We would then lay 30mm 6mm dense (overlay) on top of the existing concrete, compacting/closing it up promptly to keep up tight with the person laying the tarmac, for a even quality finish.


Answered 19th Nov 2018

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