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Want to remove chimney breast in sitting room (no chimney breast in room above sitting room)

Hi, we are currently buying a house that has a lounge and a sitting room - we want to knock down the adjoining wall to create one space but the sitting room has a gas fire in a fireplace in the chimney breast. The house has a chimney stack that runs up the side of the house but whats odd is that there is no chimney breast in the upstairs bedroom directly above the sitting room - does this mean its already been removed or is the chimney stack in the sitting room false? I'm imagining if we take it down we'll be left with a cavity that goes into the stack is that right? Obviously we'll get professionals in but wanted some idea as we aren't able to go into the house and have nose!

The house was built in 1999.


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You did not say how old the house was...In modern houses the flue for a gas fire is sometimes letter box shape and built into the wall when the wall was first build.
A fire area in the lounge is build out to position the gas fire and create the fireplace breast....


Answered 29th Jul 2014

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