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Hi im after a ball park figure inject damp course approx 12 mtrs

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For the injection only you should be looking at around £150 but there are variables to consider i.e the thickness of the wall is it single or cavity walls. do they require rendering on the inside? It would be very easy to just give you a figure, but you should have someone professional have a look. They will then give you professional advice and supply you with a qoute for the work. I hope this helps. Paul L J S Property Service. Kingfisher Approved Damp proof and wood treatment Specialists.


Answered 27th Feb 2011

Hiya, you;d be looking at £150 but this can vary based on your locality.


Answered 25th Feb 2011

I normally charge £10 a linear meter or a minimum charge of £175 this is with standard company guarantee for insurance backed guarantee you have to pay extra usally about £40
Hope this helps Steve


Answered 25th Feb 2011

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