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Advise in regards to plans for a rear extension

I require a rear extension which on a semi detached in the bromley area. How far out can i extend out. I want to run the extension to the width of the house which is appx 15 meter.

This is a single story extension and the plan is to knock through half the current external back wall into the new extension thereby creating a new kitchen/ dining area at one end and at the far end a living room.

Can you let me know how long it takes for the plans and rough idea of the price including submission of plans and regs.

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If you are a standard semi detached where you have two houses either side and some at the rear then you can go out at least 3 metres with potential to go up to 6 metres using the neighbourhood consultation scheme. If you have any form of a highway on your borders then this may be affected. If you need planning it will take up to 8 weeks and will cost £172. Building regs varies between councils so check with your local authority (it will be based on sq m and whether you submit calculated drawings and spec before you start or not).
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Answered 16th Jun 2014

Ask an architect or a few to come round and then ask the right people the right questions.:- Time it would take, Cost, Permissions needed, etc,


Answered 15th Jun 2014

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