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QuestionIs it possible to fit new a new central heating system without having to rip up the carpets and floorboards upstairs?

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Yes you can but it would be a drop system and all pipe work would be surface mounted. So, pipe work would run along loft and drop down through ceilings in corners of room and then ran round wall to radiators. You would then continue these pipes down through the floor, through the ceiling down stairs and do the same process for downstairs. The down fall of this is that if you leave pipes exposed look unsightly or you can box them in. No nice way to do Central Heating if floors cannot be lifted or ceilings removed!!!!

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services 27th Jul, 2011

No you need to get pipework from the boiler to each radiator


It would be possible to install a new central heating system with no lifting of the upstairs floring.

However, please realise that this would mean a considerable amount of design work, routing the pipe-work from the ground floor.

It would involve, removing ceilings, at least in part, downairs and re-instatement of plasterboard and decoraton.

I have carried out a number of installations in this manner, usually where laminate / tiled / finished flooring is already installed upstairs and where the finished ceilings, downstairs are already requiring attention.

i.e. there is artex, which could do with covering up or where there exists particularly bad ceiling surfaces.

Kind Regards,

Adrian Hagger

Southsea Plumbing, Heating, Electrical & Gas Services 26th Jul, 2011

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