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Questionwhat is the best way to remove polystyrene ceiling tiles. Have read a few comments about "skimming the ceilings" but not sure what this is

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Remove as much as you can with a scraper for wallpaper striping, then use the steamer for bits what`s come very hard from ceiling.

The ceiling will need to be skim with multifinish plaster for a smooth finish but not sugest to skim over the ceiling tiles


Cs5 Builders 24th Jul, 2011

You need to scrape the tiles off and get as much of the glue as pos off then pva glue the ceiling and re-skim with multi finish plaster or you could replasterboard and skim the ceiling after removing the tiles hope this helps
G.S.A Plastering

G.S.A Plastering 24th Jul, 2011

the ceiling tiles normally come off with a wide paint scraper or a scraper with a blade, the ceiling will then be exposed it may be ok to fill and paint or it might require a skim over...

dampkill100 ltd 24th Jul, 2011

Hi, remove tiles just bye scraping of, next scrap of as much tile adehesive as poss. then ceiling needs to be bonded with a pva such as unibond, then plaster useing two coats, lay first coat on as tidy as poss, then close in with top coat and trowel to a smooth finsh make sure you run water brush round all angles so they are nice and clean and smooth, hope some help kind regards col.

Rigsby Property Maintenance 24th Jul, 2011

G.S.A Plastering are 100% correct.
Quiet often the tiles would be put up over cracked Lathe/Plaster ceilings.
If this is the case,to guarantee cracks not to come back through new plaster is to overboard ceiling then skim.But down to budget....Richard

coastal ceilings&walls 10th Aug, 2012

skimming is the term used for the top coat of plaster

House Doctors 23rd Jul, 2011

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