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Seized salamander shower pump

Hi everyone,

We've just returned home after a 2.5 week holiday to find that the shower pump has seized. It's a Salamander twin impeller negative head pump, ESP 75 CPV that's been working fine since it was installed in November. Now when I try to run it all it does is hum and different lights flash on it until it settles on the green light and the red incident light 2.

I got a plumber out to take a look and he did a bucket test to check for air locks but basically said there's nothing he can do and I need to call Salamander. Incidentally, since he came out and looked at it, it now also makes a clicking noise as well as the humming.

As I've read that Salamander can be really awful about honouring warranties and that they can charge over £100 to come out and then tell me the warranty is void due to a technicality on the install, I'm wondering if it's worth getting another plumber out who's willing to open the pump up - assuming it's a relatively simple job like lime scale build up? Is 2.5 weeks enough time to jam it with lime scale?

As we can't use the shower and have no bath, I need to get this sorted ASAP, so any help is much appreciated!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Plumber

Hi Danny here from Accuracy plumbing & heating .was the pump Installed to manufacture instructions ? was the warranty form sent back to salamander ? are you sure you needed a negative pump to do the job ? Has correct fittings bin used ? all questions you have to ask yourself & compare to installation manual.

Hope this helps


Answered 28th Aug 2016

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