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Can i get my gas metre moved to under my sink

Am just about to move into a council flat and the coooker goes right behind the kitchen door which doesnt make sense because if I had all the burners going and someone opened the kitchen door they would knock the pans off the cooker if you get what I mean the old guy who lived at the flat had been there for years so I dont think he would have been bothered but to me it doesnt even make sense because its way to small to have a cooker there not to mention a health and safety hazard.The gas metre is about less than a metre from the sink its more or less right next to it but there a kitchen unit there thanks to anymore who can help me

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You are better to leave the Gas Meter where it is, otherwise you will have to get the Gas Board to move it to a new location (it is not cheap) as they are the only people allowed to alter incoming gas supply. I would leave the Gas Meter where it is and re-pipe the gas supply to where you wish to locate the new Oven/Hobs, much cheaper option. Get a qualified Gas Safe Engineer to do this, you can check them out if you ask for there Gas Safe number and call Gas Safe to verify it.

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Answered 25th Jul 2011

Hi Karen
Bill is spot on with what he has said,the best thing to do is put it on this site as a job and get local tradesmen around to quote.
Regards Ian


Answered 26th Jul 2011

Hi Karen
I go along with what Bill and Ian are both saying.Ask any Gas safe registered engineer to offer you a quote and I am sure you will get a good job done.


Answered 8th Aug 2011

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