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QuestionPossible to fit 'chimney'-style kitchen extractor without its 'chimney'?

I would like to fit an extractor in my kithen above the cooker inside a chimney breast. The depth of the void inside the chimney breast is only about 25-30cm so there is not space for a normal integrated-style canopy extractor. I wondered if it would be possible to fit a 'chimney-style' extractor hood and have the horizontal part protruding beyond the opening of the chimney breast, and have the rest up inside the chimney but WITHOUT its stainless steel 'chimney' that usually covers the workings of the device and goes up to the ceiling.
Is that 'chimney' required for protection of the motor/fan or just for aesthetics?
Alternatively, any other suggestions for what sort of extractor to consider would be welcome, considering the narrowness of the opening and the fact that the brickwork forming the flue inside the chimney slants off to one side, meaning there's not much space to go straight up from the extractor canopy.
Thank you

2 Answers

There are extractors availavle that recircle the air

TJS Electrical Services 26th Jul, 2011

The chimney is asthetic and is not needed for the fan to work. You do need to be wary of any debris falling back into the extractor from the chimney brest, can you get any sort of ducting up the chimney? Flexible 100mm would be fine.

AOS Electrical 5th Aug, 2011

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