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X 2 kitchen spots of 6 do not work even with bulb changes. problem? estimate?

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Hi Jerry,
The problem is that low voltage spots run off transformers that can fail like a bulb due to too much power running through suggesting bad installation intially, suggest replacement transformers and fittings. We have had this exact issue with a recent client who had exactly the same problem in her kitchen. Costs around £20 for transformers (both) and fittings will cost whatever model they are if still made. Labour costs are £40 per fitting, estimate is around £100 plus cost of new fittings. Some come with transformers so shopping around or coming to us will make it cheaper for you. Magic Touch

Answered 24th Feb 2011

Magic Touch

Member since 24 Sep 2009

could be one of a few problems, are they the low voltage type?
1.bad connections to the fitting where bulb fits in
2.transformer blown, replace transformer
3. or just bad connections on the junction box to the transformer or the connector block where the transformer joins the fitting wires.
hope this is helpful for you.
ps warning make sure you turn off power from fuse board before touching electrics or get an electrician if not sure.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

tom harveyassociates

Member since 30 May 2010

Could possibly be wear and tear on lamp holder fittings but more than likely you'll require new transformers.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

Apex Building Maintenance

Member since 24 Sep 2010

could be transformer fault if they are all on same transformer very unusual if they all have seperate transformers and all are faulty , could also be either fault in cable to nuetral or faulty switch not making contact from feed to switch wire, hard to price a job like this requirea investigation .

Answered 24th Feb 2011

GW Electrics

Member since 18 Feb 2010

2 out of 6 not working suggests a wiring fault or a loose connection if wired in loop, it is hard to say without knowing how the lights were wired in the first instance. but you could try taking the offending light out of the celing and checking the wires and connectrtions. Dont forget to turn off power at the mains before you touch the lights.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

shipley electrical

Member since 25 Oct 2010

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