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Can a tradesman charge twice for the same job?

Anonymous user 21 April 2014 - 6.21 AM

I contracted a tradesman to repair the toilet as it was not flushing and overfilling. It is a push button flush. He replaced a part and assured me he had tested the flush twenty times. The first time I flushed it water kept flushing through the toilet at an alarming flow rate. He then said another part had gone ( by coincidence). I had no toilet over the bank holiday as he'd sent a man to turn off the toilet flush. He's coming back with a new part tomorrow. What am I obliged to pay? I've paid him £80 cash already.

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Anonymous user

Unfortunately if he's claiming it's another part and not the same id say yes. In future having two opinions instead of one may help...


21 April 2014


RnA Electrical
Rating: 5 out of 55542 reviews

It's a difficult situation. Personally, I would be coming out to repair (time wise at least) for free - if the issue was there immediately after the original job was done (not a few days later) However if the part that has gone, is a different part, then the tradesmen is under no obligation to fix a different fault for free.


21 March 2017