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Need our windows assessed - bedroom window sprung a leak in two places along the top of the frame

Our bedroom window has sprung a leak in two places along the top of the frame, where it meets the wall. We've cleared the guttering but this hasn't helped. We've also had the seal go in some of the panes of double glazing around the house, so we are worried that there are problems with all the windows. We've had some mould build up in the past around the frames (UPVC windows) so are concerned about the overall fitting, although they were done before we moved here so could be anything over 6 years old.

What sort of tradesman would we need to come and look at this and give us a reliable estimate of what sort of work needs doing?

Thank you!

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Get your roof checked.
Water getting in at the top of a first floor window is likely to be coming down the wall cavity.


Answered 22nd Apr 2014

Hi my name is Keith from kl window doctor. All upvc should have a drainage holes face drained or concealed underneath and sometimes they get blocked which means you have to take each unit out and pour water out of a small jug into the drain holes at the bottom and you should see the water come out underneath


Answered 23rd Apr 2014

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