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Correct gap between bricks (40 to 50mm gap instead of 10mm gap required)

I am trying to lay bricks between a gap which off the top of my head I think it is around 4.5 feet long. The number of bricks that fit into the gap is 5 but the problem is I don't get the 10 mm gap required between each brick but instead it turns out to be approximately 40 to 50mm if I space the bricks out to cover the distance, which in turn makes the pointing look horrible. Any replies much appreciated.

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space it out correctly and what ever left put a cut in it! simple!


Answered 18th Apr 2014

would I be right in assuming you are bricking up something, but trying to keep your bricks in line with existing brickwork? if you are, you won't do it and as you say it will look awful. this is because the old imperial bricks are longer than any imperial bricks manufactured recently. you have to space them out with nice perps and put a cut in




Answered 21st Apr 2014

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