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Replacing patio doors and bricking up a window - can this be done through a window fitter?

We have recently bought a house with a window and a patio door both have old aluminum frames.

We would like to brick up the window as it just looks out in to our neighbours garden, we also want to replace the patio door with a french door. Can this all be done through a window fitter or will I need to hire a bricklayer as well?

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Hi my name is keith from kl window doctor. Most good and experienced window installers can turn their hand to brickwork, plaster and most making good


Answered 23rd Apr 2014

Hi eco2 here, this is possible and should be priced as a job lot most window fitters can do basic brick laying but most companies like ourselves employ brickies also



Answered 16th Feb 2016

This is possible to do. I would work with a bricklayer. 1st job is to take the window out so were left with an empty hole. Then the bricklayer can do what's needed.
Also to change patio doors to French doors is absolutely fine.


Answered 11th Oct 2018

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