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I am planning to add a double socket in a room approx. 3.5 metres away from an existing one. I am chasing a channel in the wall. My question is, is it just a simple case of connecting twin and earth cable between the existing socket and the new one? Is it a job that I can do myself (I am a fairly competent DIY'er), or do I need a qualified Electrician in order to comply with building regs?

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I agree with the others however you also need to comply with Part A of the building Regs which say "Care should be taken when cutting vertical and horizontal chases in walls if the structural stability is to be maintained". ie
- Horizontal chases should not be deeper than 1/6 of the thickness of the leaf of the wall;
- Chases should not be so positioned as to impair the stability of the wall, particularly where hollow blocks are used.
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Answered 25th Jul 2011

As long as the socket has not already been extended then one double socket fed from it is fine. Make sure the circuit and installation are safely isolated before you carry out any work.

P.S - if the socket is metal remember to earth the back box.


Answered 20th Jul 2011

BS7671 states that you are allowed one spur from each socket, there is no reason you cant do it your self as long as you are competent. Make sure you isolate the circuit before you start work on it and check for continuity of cpc



Answered 22nd Jul 2011

If you'll instal 13Amps Fused spur after existing socket ( be shure it isn't spur already) then you can use 1,5mm T&E Cable and install several sockets it will be safe.But any way test it before switch power on.

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Answered 25th Jul 2011

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