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Staining / damp patches in multiple locations in ceiling in different rooms of old stable conversion

Have been in our house for nearly 4 years. Old stable conversion. Had interior repainted etc a couple of years ago everything fine.

Starting last winter we and some water leaking through the ceiling in the kitchen, and in December noticed some staining in the lounge where an old chimney meets the ceiling.

Just got back from being out of the country and now see two faint circular stains in the ceiling in the hallway by front door.

What trade do i need to investigate this? Am concerned it may be either (a) plumbing leaking (although why suddenly and in multiple places and not seeing any correlation between water leaks and using taps etc and have had no visible leaks since last year) or (b) a problem with the roof tiles following the high winds last autumn/winter - if so is that a roofer or general builder?

basically want to get the right trade round to diagnose the problem before getting quotes to fix and don't really know where to start

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It's sound like problem with flashing where roof tiles should be covered with by lead, zinc or mortar. Also depending on location of stains I could consider brickwork re-pointing

Best trade for investigation would be roofer unless there is some problem with plumbing above you kitchen.

I hope this help.


Answered 14th Apr 2014

old barn conversions generally use clay pantiles, these do not seal very well as such if there are any holes in your under felt this will allow water ingress.
barn also suggests countryside really prone to birds nesting under the roof tiles, these can cause tears in your under felt,the other main causes are felt at the gutter-line eroded, or flashing failing.
would call a roofer to remove some tiles and take a look.

good luck Alex


Answered 14th Apr 2014

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