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Can i reuse the lock on upvc door?

I have bought a new UPVC front door to replace the one which is currently in. The lock/key is brand new and were fitted by a locksmith ... anyway my new front door has come with no lock/key so what i need to know is if i can use the lock and key from the old front door in my new front door or if i need to buy a new lock / key?

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Hi Dear Customer the answer to your question is yes aswell as no. Yes if the width of the new UPVC door is exactly same as old door because the length of the euro cylinder(of old door) should match the width of new door including the handles otherwise it will not fit and may need a new lock.


Answered 8th Jun 2016

Yes it's a euro lock held in place by a screw very easy to remove and replace in your new door


Answered 10th Apr 2014

The euro cylinder is very easy to change from one door to another , depending on the door they may be different lengths / centres on the cylinder as some are off set , look on line should be able to find instruction quite easily


Answered 21st Apr 2014

If the thickness of the door is the same then yes


Answered 7th Apr 2019

Yes of course it's very simple it a screw that's a differnt shape to other across the mech, it could also look like a blank hole if so use a small allen key.


Answered 18th Jul 2019

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