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How to seal sliding shower door in wet-room with silicone

I have a wet-room en-suite, just tiled and have had a sliding shower door fitted. The base of the shower area is a concealed tray, which has been topped with membrane, tiled and sealed appropriately - including silicone where wall meets floor. A sliding door has been fitted. Now I am getting conflicting reports about how to seal this with silicone. The instructions say to seal the verticals where the tiles and metal wall profiles meet on the INSIDE, and the horizontal part of the frame at the bottom on the OUTSIDE.
The fitter has done it the other way round saying that this is normal.
what is correct??
my only issue is that if the instructions are correct, the horizontal cill sits over a grout joint between the shower floor tiles and the wet-room floor tiles. i'm worried that water will just sit there rather than drain into the shower tray/tiles (which I believe is the logic behind sealing on the outside)
If fitter is wrong, do I remove the silicone from inside before getting outer part done?
any help is appreciated. thanks!

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The instructions are correct and your fitter is so so wrong. The reason that the inside horizontal in unsealed is that any water that gets into the frame profile will work its way to the bottom then drain into the tray area(not outside) Your fitter has probably left a lot of leaking shower trays in his wake and does not even know why.


Answered 10th Apr 2014

Rule of thumb is to seal down both vertical and horizontal on the outside and only vertical inside. this allows any water in the frame to run back in to the tray. if you seal the inside horizontal then the frame will fill with water and leak outside and start to smell of old water.


Answered 16th Apr 2014

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