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How to disconnect fridge freezer safely when the cable is too short to pull it out?

My fridge freezer was not working properly so I had someone round to look at it. He said that whoever has fitted has put the fridge freezer in, then pulled the wire through and connected it, not leaving any slack, so that it cannot be removed.
He said that the only way to get the fridge freezer out is with brute force, he said a lot of brute force. He said the best case scenario would be the cable snaps but the cables are strong and he says it will probably cause serious damage to the wall. He said he has seen this before and it is a nightmare to resolve.
I want to get some advice on whether this sounds right. Isn;t there a risk that ripping it out by force like this will damage the electrics and not just the wall. Could an electrician do the job more surgically, even if the had to break through the wall to get at the elctrics, rather than just blindly ripping?
I plan to contact an elctrician locally to ask them, but would appreciate any advice.

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Brute force is never an option when dealing with electrical equipment. I would isolate the circuit then disconnect your freezer from the supply.




Answered 18th Jul 2011

If the installation was possible without brute force you should just be able to reverse the process....... an electrician can isolate the connection and disconnect the cable then the machine should pull out easily


Answered 19th Jul 2011

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